Last Will & Testament

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Recent times have shown us how fragile human life is. Increasingly, people are creating their last will and testament. At Cunningham Law we have always explained to people how important it is to have a will. Allowing the state to eat up your time in Probate Court will needlessly reduce your assets. Preparing your will saves your beneficiaries money.

Why Do You Need A Will?

Nothing breaks up families faster than fighting over an inheritance.

What is a Will?

A will documents your wishes regarding your assets’ distribution and your children’s care after your death. It names the person(s) responsible for overseeing the settlement of the decedent’s estate, called the “executor.” It also names beneficiaries and guardians of minor children. Your will can be updated, or amended, at any time.

Your Personal Representative

A personal representative (formerly known as an administrator or executor) should always be named. If a representative is unable, unwilling, or is simply unnamed, the court will appoint a personal representative. You may rest well when Cunningham Law helps you prepare your will; it will be done properly and will reflect your wishes.

People who draft their own wills, who use a template for a will from the Internet, or just have an improperly executed will, may result in it being declared invalid, or void. The laws of intestate succession may apply upon that person’s death. Intestate succession simply put means the courts appoint a personal representative for your estate. But that representative is less likely to be able to distribute your estate according to your final wishes.

Wills are risk-free, right?

Any legal document can be contested, and a will is a legal document. Having your last will and testament created by an asset protection attorney, and drafted for your individual final wishes, is the best way to make sure it is not contested or that it stands after a challenge. Should someone contest your last will and testament you can rest assured that you have Cunningham Law on your side. We will fight for your wishes to be followed.

Need A Will? Have Your Will Reviewed By A Pro.