Tax Law

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Tax attorneys help in both planning and tax dispute resolution; they help you handle the legal and technical issues regarding your taxes. In planning, your tax attorney helps you plan how to structure your business or estate to minimize your tax burden. In dispute resolution, the tax attorney helps navigate more serious disputes with the IRS. An attorney get involved after there is a problem, but by consulting with one in advance, you can avoid problems.

Tax Attorneys and Your Business

The IRS tax code is over 2,500 pages and has recently undergone major changes. Choosing the right corporate structure for your business can have major implications as to how much you pay in taxes. Cunningham Law studies the tax code and understands how tax changes relate to you and your company. Our firm will help you plan your business structure, the contracts and documents that govern your business so that you know you

Tax Attorneys and the IRS

In the event of an audit, a tax attorney can help you communicate with the IRS. Cunningham Law will be there to represent you as your tax lawyer, act as your advocate throughout the audit process and, if necessary, be your advocate in tax court. In the event of an adverse IRS decision, Cunningham Law can help you appeal and negotiate the situation.

Cunningham Law will helpalleviate the immediate stress that comes along with receiving an audit notice from the IRS. Our firm has years of experience dealing with the IRS. We will create a plan and work to resolve your issues. Our firm will advocate for you to help the IRS to understand the facts in your case and help reverse any errors which have been made.

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