Free – Estate Planning Checklist


Free – Estate Planning Checklist

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Take the first steps to begin getting prepared to create your estate plan. After reading this free informational pamphlet, you will feel more confident and prepared during your estate planning legal meeting.

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How to Prepare to Create Your Estate Plan
Inventorying Your Assets & Debts
Outlining Medical Care & Child Arrangements
Establishing Directives
PLUS 10 Essential Steps to Estate Planning




What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is more than simply writing a will. It’s accounting for your assets, your wishes, and the future of your family. 

When you meet with your estate attorney, you will need to talk through all of the different aspects of your personal, business and financial life.  This may sound daunting, but it really isn’t.  

Get The Estate Planning Checklist 

This free checklist was carefully crafted by the Cunningham Law estate planning attorneys, and should be considered a pocket guide to the things you will need to review with your estate attorney.  It is NOT a substitute for an attorney and does not constitute legal advice.  But it is a great start to the things you will need to consider and provide your estate attorney.  

Not sure how to get started protecting your estate? Download this list today to learn more about the essential steps, and common mistakes, regarding estate planning today.

Get The Estate Planning Checklist

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Receive yours for Free, with No Obligation here, and start better planning for your future, today.