Rick Cunningham’s Story – My Why

Rick Cunningham’s Story – My Why

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Rick tells the story that led him to become an attorney.

An Introduction to Estate Law

It started when Rick was a very young man. His grandfather had health issues. Rick got involved helping his grandfather get to meetings with his attorney to work on his estate plan. Rick learned about wills and trusts while his grandfather went through that process. All of this was very real to him because it related to his own family.

First Experience in Disputes

When his grandfather’s health deteriorated, another family member tried to intervene and overrule his grandfather’s estate plan. Rick drafted a letter in response because he believed that his grandfather’s wishes should be respected and followed. Rick wrote a letter because in his view, a letter is a better way to respond than a conversation. It is less emotional. And it creates documentation that is useful later, should the matter escalate. Fortunately, in this case, Rick was able to resolve the matter with his letter.

“You Should Become A Lawyer”

Before sending that letter, Rick had an attorney review it. The attorney wanted to know what lawyer had written it! When he learned that Rick drafted it himself, he encouraged Rick to pursue law school.

All of this created a drive in Rick to make sure people’s wishes are followed. This means that in an estate plan, everything is spelled out so that no one can come later and change it. Rick practices estate planning to help people create the future they want for themselves and their families.

Law School – Business, Estate and Tax Law

In law school, business law, estate planning and tax law all came together. Rick understood the importance of business management and finance from the jobs he had held. But in law school, it all made sense in a new way. He understood how he could help people. He learned to help business owners protect and grow their companies. And to help individuals and families to grow and protect their estates.

LLM In Tax Law

After law school, Rick enrolled for an additional year in tax law. He obtained a LLM in tax, which gave him a deeper proficiency and understanding in tax law. This is a great asset to business owners. It allows him to structure business entities in ways that are tax efficient. He is also able to work with CPAs to do advanced tax planning.

Helping People, Families and Businesses Keep More of What is Theirs

Rick created Cunningham Law to help people grow and protect their assets and plan for their future. He created it to make sure that people’s wishes for themselves, their businesses and their families are documented and protected. He created it to help people keep more of what is theirs with the right tax strategy and legal protections.

Let Cunningham Law Work For You

Your family and business are too important to leave to chance. Rick’s life work has been to help people. Contact Cunningham Law and let his knowledge and experience help you.