Estranged Family Members & Estates

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One of the most unique areas of estate planning is dealing with estranged family members. All too often they are estranged due to life choices they have made. Frequently, in Las Vegas, these deal with gambling and substance abuse.

When representing a family in emotionally sensitive matters, we maintain the highest levels of compassion and professionalism. We work with you to ensure that your desires are followed. We understand that the ultimate goal is the good of the whole family and preservation of resources through the estate. We outline conditions and requirements to protect your estate and the beneficiaries of that estate.

Specifying Control in Estate Transition

The issues that go into an estate plan can be as complex as the family dynamic. When it comes to specifying control in your estate plan, leave the language to the team at Cunningham Law. Our team is experienced in navigating the issues of control in balance with provided estate resources. We can help ensure that your wishes are executed and to ensure your beneficiaries’ highest, best good.

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