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Nonprofit Organizations

Need advice from a Las Vegas nonprofit attorney?

Establishing your non-profit requires legal assistance. Not following the laws and regulations could cause you to lose your nonprofit status. There are certain records and requirements you will have to maintain to secure your organization’s future.

With the help of Cunningham Law, your nonprofit organization can navigate these requirements. When it comes to protecting your nonprofit organization, seek experienced legal help. Cunningham Law is experienced in working through these issues. If you have questions about forming a non-profit or have a non-profit and need assistance with these issues, contact Cunningham Law.

Should I turn my group into a tax- exempt nonprofit?

Any group that participates in charitable activity may be considered tax exempt for state and federal income tax purposes.  Just because your entity is considered to be a nonprofit under state law does not mean that your entity will receive tax exempt status for federal tax purposes. If an nonprofit entity receives federal tax exempt status, the entities and individuals who donate to the nonprofit entity can receive federal income tax deductions for the donations given to the nonprofit.  Cunningham Law is experienced at advising nonprofit groups in obtaining their federal tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.

If your nonprofit group is not yet a formal legal entity, it might be the ideal time to turn your group into a Nevada nonprofit. Your organization may also receive state and county property tax exemptions on real estate and other property by becoming an official nonprofit corporation. Groups that may benefit from becoming a nonprofit include museums, schools, childcare centers, churches, community hospitals and performing arts groups. If you are interested in finding out more information about transitioning your group into a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, contact Cunningham Law today.

Rules and Regulations for Nonprofits

There are complex rules and regulations to maintain your tax exempt status.  It is important to manage your entity’s records, properly document the director meetings, keep the organization’s bank accounts in order and ensure that the organization’s funds are only used for the organization’s charitable purposes.

If your nonprofit organization needs help with retaining its status or drafting contracts, Cunningham Law can help.  Whether you need assistance setting up your nonprofit or legal advice on keeping your tax exempt status, contact Cunningham Law today for more information on getting the legal support you need.