Estate Planning

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Your estate represents everything you have earned and built over your life. Securing that estate in the event of your death or disability is imperative. Cunningham Law is an experienced estate planning firm. This process will begin with inventorying your assets and understanding your desires and goals, as we work to provide you with options to create your estate plan.

If you don’t make a decision about your estate, the state of Nevada will make the decision for you. Enacting a plan today will help protect you, your loved ones, and your estate.

Some of the ways Richard Cunningham helps you plan your estate include:

  • Prepare a Power of Attorney
  • Plan to Reduce or Eliminate Estate Taxes
  • Prepare a Will
  • Manage the Probate Process with or without a Will
  • Establish a Living Trust to Avoid Probate
  • Help Avoid Guardianship for Minors or Incapacitated Persons
  • Pass Property to your Loved Ones in the Manner you Wish
  • Ensure Proper Protection of Property from Inheritors’ Creditors & Predators
  • Create Irrevocable Trust or Other Special Types of Trusts

As an experienced estate planning attorney, Richard Cunningham can help ensure the smooth and continued management of your estate, and that your final wishes are carried out precisely as you want.

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