Estates for Business Owners

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Business owners have a unique and urgent need for succession and estate planning. Your business is not only a source of income, but also a legacy to leave for your family. Depending the size of the business, the plan needed to provide proper succession planning may be extensive.

At Cunningham Law we work hard to protect your business and the families it supports. We offer complete consultations regarding your business needs and help you mitigate potential liabilities and vulnerabilities. After an in-depth discussion regarding your goals and wishes, we can create your plan.

Business Succession Planning

Unlike dividing a family estate, determining what happens to the ownership and operations of your business should you pass may be quite complex. Protecting your business, and your legacy is a top priority, and ensuring your wishes are followed is our goal. It’s not enough to draw up the outline of this plan. It must also be executed.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in planning business successions and estates. We can help you from beginning to end.

Have it Done Sooner, Rather Than Later.